Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soft Hackle "D" rib Golden Stone Nymph

This is a creation I have been playing with for a while. The rear half of the nymph is from my "D" rib Golden Stone nymph. The front half came from another nymph I saw. The combination of patterns has been deadly on the water. The soft hackle collar is a combination of CDC and Whiting Farms Brahma Hen neck in a Golden Olive.  When this fly is in the water it has a lot of movement. With the tungsten bead and the under body of lead tape will allow this nymph to get down deep fast. On my last trip I was trialling this of  a DH Hopper with great success.

Rear view

Group photo

Brahma Hen Neck

Brahma Hen Neck Golden Olive


  1. Great looking bug Carl! I'll have to give this one a try up north...

  2. Carl...Do you have a dubbing preference for the thorax? I'm thinking a possum or rabbit blended with something like an ice dub. I tend to like the soft hackles more than the more realistic patterns. Nice tie!

  3. Chad,

    I like to use a dubbing mixture of UV yellow ice dubbing and Harrop's tannish yellow dubbing.