Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/10 Cheesman Canyon

Let me start off by saying today was one of the most beautiful days for fishing I have had in January. Arrived at the parking lot with a friend at 7:00am temp was 27 degrees. Geared up and headed for mid river. This little rainbow was the first fish of the day. Flows for Cheesman Canyon where at 198 cfs. We did not see another person until around noon. That was sum what surprising considering how nice of a day it was.

As the day warmed up so did the fishing. Fish where moving into the riffles, me and Chris fished this shelf drop off and hooked up quite a few fish on the drop off.

Close up of the first fish of the day
Another beautiful rainbow
The fly of the day, Tan Youngs midge. Also my Golden stone nymph is a size 16 was tearing it up.
Hook: TMC101 size 24
Thread: 10/0 white
Abdomen: Coats and Clark thread tan
Head: White thread colored with black marker


  1. The coloration on that 3rd rainbow is amazing - great looking fish!

  2. glad to see that someone else uses the yong's special. that fly is money for me in most tailwaters. my best color combo is an olive abdomeb with a grey head. glad you got some warm weather and cooperative fish.

  3. Carl your shirt should fit you know. Looks like you have under wintered. Is their anything you need from the DC site.

    Nice flies