Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trip report - 6/14/2011 South Platte River - Deckers

Had the the chance on my birthday to head out and fish. Joesph and I, a coworker took the day and head up to the South Platte at Deckers. Arrived at the Platte about 6:15am geared up and started fishing. Within the first hour we had landed fish. We started out at the fence right below Wigwam Club. The morning started of great and it continued Thur out the day. We end working our way down to the confluence of the north and south fork of the Platte. Stopping quite a few places to fish. What I noticed is how spunky the fish where. We started the day of with nymph rigs and then moved over to hopper, copper & dropper rigs. Could not get anything to take the hopper but the sub surface flies where on fire. What I did notice was that parts of the Platte are making a solid come back.

 First fish of the morning
 Joesph with a nice rainbow
 Joesph with the fish of the day. Around a 24" rainbow.

 "D" rib golden stone nymph, this fly was on fire for the day

 Juan's Royal Gorgeous caddis, this little fly was also a hot ticket.

 Juan's Hooper Juan, fish where not looking up.

Last fish of the day.


  1. What? Nothing on top? Did you make sure to dip it in some Berkley Power Bait Trout Dip? That usually does the trick for me!
    Last time I was there, I had lots of action on top. The lower section of that river holds some good fish and it's not so crowded.

  2. Nice! haven't been down in for awhile, but looks like it is fishing pretty good. well done!

  3. Wonderful blog and photos !

    Would you mind sharing the hackle and thorax-dubbing materials you used for the 'D rib golden stone nymph' ?

    Thank you very much !


  4. I saw your video afterwards... Great pattern ! Thank you for sharing !